About Us

Brand Philosophy:

Our brand philosophy is based on our brand name Shaai', which has been inspired from the Arabic word شائع, translated as trendy.

In our modern society, too often key trends don't offer modesty, here at Shaai' we believe that you should never have to compromise your style or modesty, which is why our products are on trend pieces that give you elegance along with sumptuous quality. We aim to make modest clothing trendy and easily accessible for the contemporary woman, who wishes to dress modest yet elegant.


Shaai' offers a range of styles to suit individual needs – we understand that all women have their preferred tastes, and we aim to accommodate those. Although we're a new retailer, we want to reach out to all of you and address your unique fashion needs; too often mass produced items miss the mark, and we're here to try and correct that.

As all the pieces are intricately designed by us personally, we are therefore flexible and able to tailor each piece to customer preferences. We're here to give you a truly individualised experience when you shop with us.

We know that affordable modest clothing isn't easy to come by, which is why we will always strive to give you the best products at affordable prices.

Team Shaai':

Shaai' is the brainchild of Anam Zan Johar, a Muslim mama striving to balance her work and family life. To read more about her Shaai' journey visit our Blog: