To Infinity and Beyond - The women behind Shaai'

They say a daughter and a mother are the closest when the daughter becomes a mother. To say that's true, would be an understatement. Because it's not just a realisation you have overnight, infact every nerve in your body, everything you see with your eyes and feel with your heart, makes you realise the sacrifices your mother made for you and the love she has for you. Just the same way you feel for your own tiny human.

My mother with my son

My mother with my son

What amazes me even more is when you see your mother more worried for your baby than you, still making sacrifices without even realising, still spending sleepless nights with you, still cooking for you so you get to rest, still cleaning your house so you can catch up on your sleep. When you witness all this, you see the true essence of motherhood walking talking right in front of your eyes. You realise it's a never ending commitment; there are no weekends, days off, summer breaks, sick leaves, annual leaves. You realise if your mum is still on duty, how could you expect to ever get a break?! Motherhood truly is amazing, surprising, a magical blessing from God. Alhamdulillah

To speak of my relationship with my mother, it has always been that of a best friend. She has always been my go to person in all matters big or small. The kind of relationship, where you make promises with your friends to keep their secrets, but still end up telling your mum, cuz well that doesn't count, of course!? From being shopping buddies to being each others biggest critics, we really do complete each other.

She has always been there, standing right by my side from my first day at school to my first day at my first job to my son's first breath in this world. So it was only befitting that she would he there right by my side when I started Shaai'.

My mother and baby me

My mother and baby me

I wanted to tell you all how Shaai' isn't a couple of colleagues working together, designing clothes, sharing ideas or a team of designers meeting in a coffee shop to discuss their new designs. Infact its a collaboration between a mother and a daughter designing clothes for you personally; discussing each stitch, each button, each cut for hours and how we can make shopping with Shaai' a truly happy experience for all you ladies out there. Sometimes it means messaging her at 2 at night to share my "oh-so-amazing" ideas, only to end up calling her in the morning to change the decision because it doesn't seem that amazing anymore lol. Or receiving a call from her while I'm still in bed because she couldn't wait any longer to discuss what needs to be done that day.

We are working day and night to bring to you our truly exclusive designs! The products you get in the end are made with a lot of love and a lot of time. They are not just timeless as they are a result of a combined effort from two generations but also one-off pieces which might not be restocked. Although we'll always strive to bring to you what you wish for, never compromising on quality and always considering affordability for you.

If you have any suggestions, any ideas or complaints. Please feel free to email us at because this mother and daughter duo is here to take on board all your suggestions and make shopping with us even better for you.

Stay happy, stay Shaai'! (Translated from Arabic as Trendy)

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