My Shaai' Journey

I started wearing hijab in Ramadan 2014, not so long ago. With wearing hijab, I felt, came a lot of responsibility in the way I dressed myself as well. Even though I had been thinking about it for so long but I felt really underprepared for carrying this change. All my short sleeved dresses became useless for me and then began the hunt for decent looking modest clothes on every shopping trip. Initially, if any outfit ticked the two boxes; ✔️long sleeves ✔️ long length, I would just grab it, without thinking if it was actually something that suited my style! Lol

Early days of my hijab journey back in Rome 2014

I resorted to google (every woman's best friend) and came across some great modest clothing websites. I would spend hours ogling at the lovely outfits and adding them to my basket only to delete them from the basket and end up buying an outfit or two at most, or nothing most of the times, because of the huge sum my basket would show at the bottom.

That's when and how I started thinking about introducing my own modest clothing range, with an aim to make modest clothing easily accessible and affordable for all women who wish to dress modestly.

Capetown 2016 with the Husband, 6 months before Yusuf came to our lives

Finally, 3 house-moves, 1 job, 1 pregnancy, a hyper lil over enthusiastic baby boy later, I am finally ready, Shaai' is finally ready and here for good. In sha Allah

To tell you more about myself, I am mother to the most beautiful 14 month old boy who keeps me on my toes all day, wife to an amazing husband who is a dentist, daughter to the most supportive set of parents who not only encourage infact make achieving all my goals in life a reality, and sister to the most caring and helpful brother. Shaai' would only be a dream if it wasn't for my parents and my husband who have and still are helping me through every step. Alhamdulillah

Keep watching this space to hear more about us. Happy shopping!

-Anam Zan Johar

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  • Shazia

    Love your enthusiasm, your brand gives a sense of belonging not only is it modest but also very stylish, I feel as if I can totally realate to your story, May Allahs countless blessings be upon you and your family! Ameen..

    Lots of love from a Very very happy customer ?

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