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To Infinity and Beyond - The women behind Shaai'

They say a daughter and a mother are the closest when the daughter becomes a mother. To say that's true, would be an understatement. Because it's not just a realisation you have overnight, infact every nerve in your body, everything you see with your eyes and feel with your heart, makes you realise the sacrifices your mother made for you and the love she has for you. Just the same way you feel for your own tiny human. My mother with my son What amazes me even more is when you see your mother more worried for your baby than you, still making sacrifices without even realising, still spending sleepless nights with you, still cooking for you so you get...

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Our Shaai' Journey

I started wearing hijab in Ramadan 2014, not so long ago. With wearing hijab, I felt, came a lot of responsibility in the way I dressed myself as well. Even though I had been thinking about it for so long but I felt really underprepared for carrying this change. All my short sleeved dresses became useless for me and then began the hunt for decent looking modest clothes on every shopping trip. Initially, if any outfit ticked the two boxes; long sleeves long length, I would just grab it, without thinking if it was actually something that suited my style! Lol I resorted to google (every woman's best friend) and came across some great modest clothing websites. I would spend...

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